Safety Precautions to Take Before Using a Magnetic Window Cleaner

Magnetic window cleaners are a great tool for cleaning hard-to-reach windows, but they can also pose safety risks if not used properly. Here are some safety precautions to take before using a magnetic window cleaner:

  • Ensure that the magnets are not too strong, as this can cause damage to the windows.
  • Avoid using the tool on windows that are too high up, as leaning out the window to reach the exterior side of the tool can be dangerous.
  • Attach the magnetic cleaner to the window by opening the screw carefully and adjusting the size to fit the window glass.
  • Use a microfiber window cleaner to clean both sides of the window. Soft cloths are recommended for cleaning to avoid scratches or other marks on the windows.
  • When finished, store the magnetic cleaner with the spacer between the magnetic parts.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using a magnetic window cleaner to ensure that it is used safely and effectively.
  • please note that magnetic window cleaners are not a one-size-fits-all solution for cleaning all types of windows. They may not be compatible with high windows, such as those found in skyscrapers or tall buildings. Additionally, some magnetic cleaners have cleaning trays that can be used to finish cleaning the window by shining the glass.

    By following these safety precautions and reading the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, you can safely and effectively use a magnetic window cleaner to clean your windows.

    Preparing the Window and Magnetic Cleaner for Use

    To ensure effective use of a magnetic window cleaner, it is crucial to prepare both the window and the cleaner. Follow these steps:

  • Mix cleaning solution with lukewarm water in a bucket and stir to create bubbles.
  • Dip both parts of the magnetic cleaner into the water separately and rub the sponges together to create froth.
  • Apply cleaning solution on both sponges before attaching the magnets together.
  • When using the magnetic cleaner, clean horizontally from top to bottom in a zigzag motion. Move slowly and patiently, and move the cleaner to the closest edge when you reach the bottom of the window. After cleaning, store the magnetic cleaner with the spacer between the magnetic parts.

    please note that magnetic window cleaners may not be suitable for all types of windows and can potentially cause damage. Avoid using them if you need to lean out the window to reach the exterior side of the tool.

    Attaching the Magnetic Cleaner to the Window

    To attach the magnetic cleaner to your window, follow these simple steps. First, carefully open the screw and adjust the size of the cleaner to fit your window glass. Then, mix a little cleaning solution into a bucket of lukewarm water and stir to create bubbles.

  • Attach one piece of the cleaner to the outside of the window and the other piece to the inside.
  • The magnet will hold the two pieces together.
  • Once attached, the Glider will smoothly slide around the glass.
  • Use the microfiber window cleaner that comes with the magnetic cleaner to clean both sides of the window.
  • Clean horizontally from top to bottom in a zigzag movement, moving slowly and with patience.
  • When you reach the bottom of the window, move the cleaner to the closest edge and then slowly separate the magnets.
  • Please note that magnetic window cleaners are not suitable for windows that don’t open or are on upper floors. If your window won’t open, it’s best to avoid using a magnetic window cleaner and consider other cleaning solutions.

    Cleaning Windows with a Magnetic Cleaner

    Cleaning windows can be a tedious task, but with a magnetic cleaner, it can be a breeze. Here’s how to use a magnetic cleaner to clean your windows:

  • Place a microfiber cloth on both parts of the glider.
  • Spread glass cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth.
  • Attach the magnetic cleaner to the window, making sure that both sides of the cleaner are attached to each other through the window.
  • Move the magnetic cleaner around the window in a circular motion, making sure that the microfiber cloth is in contact with the window.
  • Remove the magnetic cleaner from the window once you have cleaned the window.
  • Dry and shine the window using a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Please note that magnetic window cleaners are not suitable for all types of windows. They are not recommended for windows that do not open or windows that are on the upper floors of a building. Additionally, magnetic window cleaners can potentially damage windows with scratches or other marks. Therefore, please understand the limitations of magnetic window cleaners before using them to clean windows.

    Detaching the Magnetic Cleaner from the Window

    To detach the magnetic cleaner from the window, slide the two halves of the cleaner apart. The cleaner is attached to the window using magnets, making it easy to detach. To use the magnetic window cleaner, attach it to the window with the adhesive strip provided. Use the attached magnet to wipe away any dirt or dust on the window. The Glider magnetic window cleaner comes with a microfiber window cleaner that can be used to clean both sides of the window. After cleaning, slide the two halves of the cleaner apart to detach it from the window. Be careful when detaching the cleaner to avoid any damage to the window or the cleaner itself.

    Disassembling a Magnetic Cleaner: Steps and Tips

    To disassemble a magnetic cleaner, the steps may vary depending on the specific model. However, there are some general steps that can be followed. For example, to disassemble the Universal Magnetic Base Cleanup, follow these steps:

  • Using a 14 mm end wrench, remove the arm assembly from the base magnet.
  • Remove the knob from the arm assembly.
  • Using needle-nose pliers, remove the retaining ring.
  • Slide the socket off the arm.
  • Repeat for the other arm.
  • The arms are now disassembled.
  • After disassembling, please clean the parts thoroughly. Use Scotch Brite or very fine sandpaper to remove the rust from all the black parts. Clean the parts with hot soapy water to ensure that none of the oxidizing salt solution is present. When dry, paint with semi-gloss black paint. Finally, reassemble the arm assembly in the reverse order.

    However, for a Brown & Sharpe 760 toolmakers magnetic chuck, the disassembly process may be more complicated. The On/Off knob is hard to turn, and the grease may have congealed. There are no evident screws except for the knob set screw. Removal of the knob reveals what appears to be a grease seal, but it’s set pretty far back into the chuck and hence not easy to get out even if that were the solution.

    please be aware of the kinks involved in working on magnetic assemblies so as not to weaken the magnet. If you are not familiar with the specific model, it may be best to seek professional help.

    Maintaining Your Magnetic Cleaner for Longevity

    To ensure your magnetic cleaner lasts for a long time, please take proper care of it. Here are some tips to maintain and care for your magnetic cleaner:

  • Clean the metallic surface and the magnet with mild detergent before applying the magnet.
  • Remove the magnet before any kind of car wash or power washing experience.
  • Periodically remove the magnet to ensure it’s still securely fastened to the vehicle and to perform any necessary cleaning.
  • Clean the surface of the magnet with a mild soap and water solution or Windex® to remove small smudges or stains.
  • Store the magnet in a dry area, void of direct sunlight, and away from strong electrical currents.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the magnetic signs.
  • Don’t place heavy objects on or against the magnetic signs while in storage.
  • Protect the magnet from sharp impacts and physical abuse.
  • By following these tips, your magnetic cleaner can last for a long time. In fact, a permanent magnet should lose no more than 1% of its magnetic strength over a period of 100 years provided it is specified and cared for properly. So, take care of your magnetic cleaner and enjoy its benefits for years to come.

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