When you look out your window, do you ever see streaks, smudges, or dirt that block your view? It makes you mad, doesn’t it? Not only does it ruin the look of your home or office, but it also makes you feel bad and makes you less productive.

This is where a company that cleans windows professionally comes in.

They not only make your windows sparkle and shine, but they also have a lot of other benefits you might not have thought of.

In this article, I’ll talk about why it’s important to hire a window cleaning service and how it affects you.

So, take a seat, relax, and let’s dive into the world of professional window cleaning services.

Professional Window Cleaning Services

Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

There are many reasons why hiring a professional window cleaner is a good idea. Here are some of the good things about it:

  • Better Results: Professional window cleaners have the right tools, knowledge, and experience to deliver high-quality results that are difficult to achieve on your own.
  • Time and Effort Savings: Window cleaning is a labor-intensive task that can be time-consuming and challenging, especially for multi-story houses. Hiring a professional can save you time and effort.
  • Extended Window Life: Professional window cleaners can remove corrosive contaminants that can eat away at the seals and identify potential problems, which can extend the life of your windows.
  • Enhanced Appearance: Clean windows reflect natural light more distinctly, making your home or business look more beautiful.

Additional Services

Professional window cleaning services may also offer other services, like cleaning gutters, power washing, and fixing screens.

They can also do annoying things like clean the windowsills and vacuum up dead bugs.

Finding a Good Professional Window Cleaning Service

It is important to find a cleaning company that is licensed, insured, and has a good name.

Here are some tips to help you find the best company to clean your windows:

  • Check online reviews
  • Ask friends and family for references
  • Look at the Better Business Bureau report

Frequency of Professional Window Cleaning

How often you should have a professional clean your windows depends on a number of things, such as the type of property, its location, and the weather.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Residential Properties: It is recommended to have windows professionally cleaned at least twice a year. However, if the property is located on a busy street or an area with lots of pollen and trees, it might be necessary to clean the windows three times a year.
  • Commercial Properties: The frequency of window cleaning depends on the type of business and the amount of daily foot traffic. For example, restaurants should have their windows professionally cleaned inside and out every two weeks at the most, with daily spot cleaning as part of the routine. On the other hand, office buildings don’t typically need windows to be professionally cleaned quite as often.
  • Generally speaking, professionals suggest having windows professionally cleaned every few months as the optimal standard to keep dirt and debris at bay. However, commercial properties such as retail spaces and restaurants might need more frequent cleaning, at least once every month. Environmental and climate conditions also play a role in determining how often windows should be cleaned. For instance, areas with constant pollen and dust buildup might require more frequent cleaning.

Regular window maintenance makes the glass last longer and makes sure that natural light keeps shining in the best way on the property.

Homeowners can easily clean their own windows, but hiring a professional has many benefits, such as saving time and effort, dealing with screens, and taking the risk of climbing on ladders or roofs.

Professional window cleaning costs vary based on the type of property and the hourly rate of the service.

For example, high-rise windows require more safety equipment and cost more to clean.

Equipment and Solutions Used by Professional Window Cleaners

Tools Used by Professional Window Cleaners

Professional window cleaners use squeegees, towels, sponges, ladders, and power washers to clean windows, among other things.

The tools used depend on the size of the window and the type of dirt.

For example, bigger buildings with bigger windows need more powerful tools like power washers and squeegees, while smaller business offices can get by with smaller tools.

Cleaning Solutions Used by Professional Window Cleaners

Professional window cleaners use different cleaning products for each job.

White vinegar and warm water, dish soap and water, and ammonia and water are some of the most common cleaning solutions.

Some window cleaners also use commercial-grade scrubbers with cleaning agents like ammonia or other chemicals to get rid of dirt and stains that are hard to get off.

It’s important to remember that the type of cleaning solution used will depend on the type of window being cleaned and the type of dirt or stain that needs to be removed.

For example, some cleaning solutions may be too harsh for certain types of windows, while others may not work well on certain types of stains.

Safety Equipment Used by Professional Window Cleaners

Professional window cleaners use tools and cleaning solutions, but they also use gloves, harnesses, and safety signs to protect themselves and others while they work.

Time it Takes to Clean Windows

How long it takes a professional window cleaning service to clean the windows of a typical home depends on a number of things.

A typical house has between 20 and 25 windows, including sliding glass doors, but some homes have as many as 40 or more.

How long it takes to clean a window depends on its style, number of panes, and whether or not it has French windows or cut-outs.

Bug screens, tracks, and sills can also make it take longer to clean.

How long it takes to clean can also depend on how big the house is and how many windows are hard to reach and need a ladder.

Several sources say that cleaning the windows of a typical home can take anywhere from 1 hour to over 6 hours.

If you’re cleaning windows inside and out, it should take about two hours to clean a typical 1,800-square-foot house.

The average homeowner with a 2,000-square-foot home will need about two hours to clean the inside and outside of their windows.

Professionally cleaning the windows of a house or small business can take anywhere from an hour to three hours.

But it will take longer if there are a lot of smudges and fingerprints on the glass than if you just need to clean it.

Removing Hard Water Stains and Tough Stains from Windows

Hard water stains and other tough stains can be cleaned off of windows by professionals.

Mineral deposits that build up on the surface of the glass over time cause hard water stains.

If the stains haven’t set in yet, you should be able to get rid of them with a little elbow grease and regular cleaning.

But hard water stains will come back if the water is not filtered or treated with a water-softening system.

Even outside windows can get hard water spots if they aren’t dried properly after being cleaned or if they are often hit by a sprinkler system.

Professional window cleaners have the skills and equipment to clean even the toughest stains and windows that are hard to reach.

They use polishing paste that is made to get rid of stains from hard water.

Mixing rubbing alcohol with water is another great way to take care of windows.

If the water spots aren’t too old, vinegar may be enough to get rid of them.

A solution of vinegar and water works well on hard water stains that are new and haven’t had time to build up.

Baking soda and water can be used to get rid of stains that vinegar or lemon water can’t get rid of.

Regular Window Cleaning

Regular window cleaning is important to keep a home’s value up and stop hard water stains from getting too bad.

Homeowners should take steps to keep the glass from getting stains that won’t come off.

To get the best results when getting rid of hard water stains, you should hire a professional window cleaner once or twice a year.

Professional window cleaners have the right tools, cleaning solutions, and safety gear to get windows that are spotless and free of streaks.

This will improve the look of any home or business.

Safety Measures for Tall Buildings

The Importance of Professional Window Cleaning Services

To clean windows on a high-rise building, you have to scale it, which is like rock climbing, and you have to be mobile and follow safety rules.

It is required to use a safe professional harness and climbing gear.

Any good company that cleans windows on high-rise buildings will put safety first.

Most of the time, it is safe to clean windows on high-rise buildings as long as the people doing the work have the right tools and take the right safety measures.

How often high-rise windows are cleaned depends on a number of things, like what kind of business is in the building, what’s around the building, how many people walk by the building, and whether or not people are allowed to smoke inside the building.

If the building is near a busy street or a large, well-kept parking lot, dust and exhaust are likely to make it so that the windows need to be cleaned often.

If most of the building is windows and it’s a big one, all the dirt and grime from the city has nowhere else to go but to the walls of glass.

Professionals who clean the windows of high-rise buildings are worth their weight in gold because they add value to the building maintenance team.

For example, it takes six men about four months to clean the 102 floors of the Empire State Building.

Cleaning windows on high-rise buildings is not a job for the faint of heart, but those who are brave enough to do it get to work outside and see amazing views from their workplace.

Safety Measures Taken by Professional Window Cleaners

When working on tall buildings, professional window cleaners take a number of safety precautions to keep themselves and others safe.

One of the most important safety tools is a safety belt or harness that is attached to the building and keeps the window cleaner from falling if the platform falls.

Workers also work while hanging from the top of the building or from scaffolding set up on the outside of the building.

To clean the windows of a high-rise building carefully, you need a certain set of skills and a good sense of balance.

Workers have to learn how to use basic window cleaning tools and chemicals safely, as well as how to do more complicated and dangerous high-rise cleaning jobs safely.

Accidents should happen less often if workers are well trained.

When there is a steady wind speed of more than 25 miles per hour, it is not safe to clean the outside of high-rise windows.

The risks of cleaning windows on high-rise buildings are kept to a minimum by clear OSHA rules and the right training.

Cleaning windows on high-rise buildings is a very safe job, and there have been very few deaths in this line of work.

In the end, a company that cleans windows on high-rise buildings should take all the necessary steps to keep their employees and the public safe.

For this dangerous job, owners of high-rise and mid-rise buildings should hire professionals.

Professional window cleaners have the right tools, training, and safety measures to keep your high-rise building clean and safe for everyone.

Cost and Finding a Reliable Window Cleaning Company

Cost of Professional Window Cleaning Services

Several things can affect how much it costs to hire a professional window cleaning service. Some of these things are the size of the house or building, the number of windows, how much cleaning is needed, and whether or not there are window screens. Home Guide says that most professional window cleaners charge between $4 and $8 per pane or $10 and $15 per window. The average cost to clean all the windows in a house is between $150 and $300. One window cleaning can cost anywhere from $4 to $11, with $5 being the average price for a 3′ x 6′ window.

In large homes or buildings where counting each window is too time-consuming or not possible, it’s common to charge an hourly rate that ranges from $40 to $75 per hour.

Prices for cleaning windows in a business vary from one cleaning service to the next, but they are usually about the same.

Larger jobs, like apartment complexes and office buildings, can cost between $150 and $500, and the price goes up with how often the windows are cleaned.

Cleaning companies either charge per window, per pane, or by the hour.

The exact cost depends on whether it’s an unlicensed handyman without insurance or a franchised window cleaning company.

The average cost to hire a window cleaner is between $150 and $370, and most people spend $260 to clean their whole house.

Prices range from $10 to $15 per window or $4 to $8 per pane.

Ladder work on the third and fourth floors adds $3 to $5 per window.

Finding a Reputable and Reliable Window Cleaning Company

You can use the Internet to find a reputable and trustworthy window cleaning company in your area.

Websites like Angie’s List, Yelp, and Thumbtack have lists of local window cleaning companies that have been reviewed and rated by customers.

There are also free estimates for window cleaning services on these websites.

When picking a window cleaning company, it’s important to think about how much it will cost, how good the service will be, and how professional the company is.

The average cost to clean windows is between $165 and $180, but this can change based on how many panes there are and what kind of windows they are.

Some companies might charge a flat rate per window, while others might use a more flexible pricing model.

Look for companies with good reviews and ratings from other customers to make sure you’re hiring a reputable and reliable window cleaning service.

A good job should be done on time, with professionalism, and with a friendly attitude.

Professional window cleaners should clean both the inside and outside of your windows.

Depending on what kind of windows you have, they should use different methods.

They should also be able to get rid of stains caused by hard water and do deep cleanings after new construction.

Commercial versus Residential Window Cleaning

Also, it’s important to know that cleaning windows at a business usually costs less per window than cleaning windows at a home.

This is because most commercial buildings have bigger windows than homes and don’t need to be cleaned as thoroughly.

But the cost of cleaning commercial windows can still be different depending on the size of the building and how often it needs to be cleaned.

Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning Options

Alcohol Window Cleaner

Using alcohol window cleaner, which is made from natural ingredients, is one way to be kind to the environment.

This cleaner dissolves dirt, grease, and grime on the window by mixing ethanol and water.

This leaves the window clean and without streaks.

It won’t hurt your house or the environment.

Eco-Friendly Glass, Window, and Mirror Cleaners

You could also use glass, window, and mirror cleaners that are safe for you, your family, and the environment.

Biokleen Glass Cleanser is one of these cleaners.

The Environmental Working Group gave it an A for safety, and it only uses energy that comes from renewable sources.


Another eco-friendly way to clean windows is with vinegar.

When used in the right amount, vinegar can make your windows shine and leave a finish that is clear and free of streaks.

Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar into a gallon of water, pour into a spray bottle, and spray on your windows.

Wipe your windows with a soft cloth, rinse with clean water, and use newspaper or a soft dry cloth right away to stop streaks from forming.

Club Soda

Club soda is another easy-to-use and safe for the environment way to clean windows.

It works by breaking up dirt and grime on the window, leaving it clean and without streaks.

Just put club soda in a spray bottle, spray it on your windows, and wipe them clean with a soft cloth.

Homemade Window Cleaner

You can also make your own environmentally friendly window cleaner at home with things you already have.

It doesn’t cost much to make homemade window cleaner, which can save you money compared to sprays you buy at the store.

Most homemade window and glass cleaners cost about $1.50 per bottle, which is about a third of the price of most store-bought sprays for cleaning windows.

When making homemade window cleaner, white vinegar and water are often used.

In the end, professional window cleaning services have a lot of options that are good for the environment.

Whether you use alcohol window cleaner, eco-friendly glass, window, and mirror cleaners, vinegar, club soda, or make your own homemade window cleaner, you can be sure that you are doing your part to protect the environment while keeping your windows clean and streak-free.

Note: Please keep in mind that the estimate in this article is based on information available when it was written.

It’s just for informational purposes and shouldn’t be taken as a promise of how much things will cost.

Prices, rates, and fees can change because of things like market changes, changes in regional costs, inflation, and other unforeseen circumstances.


In conclusion, hiring a professional window cleaner is an important part of keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Not only do they make your home or office look better, but they also keep harmful pollutants and allergens from building up.

By hiring a reputable window cleaning company, you can make sure that your windows are cleaned to the highest standards using the latest tools and techniques.

But even if you don’t care about the practical benefits, there is something really nice about looking out of clean windows.

It’s a small but important way to improve your overall sense of well-being and quality of life.

So, the next time you’re thinking about whether or not to hire a professional window cleaning service, remember that it’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about investing in your own happiness and comfort.

In the end, it’s clear that hiring a professional window cleaner isn’t just a nice thing to do—a it’s must.

So why not give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your windows will be taken care of properly? At the end of the day, a clear view is a clear mind.

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