Have you ever walked into a room and immediately smelled something bad? It could be the smell of cats, food that got on the floor, or just a general mustiness.

No matter what caused it, it’s not a good thing.

And it can be even more annoying when the smell comes from your rugs.

Even though you clean and dust often, the smell won’t go away.

That’s why you need a good carpet cleaner.

It can not only get rid of dirt and stains, but also get rid of smells and make your rugs smell clean and fresh.

In this piece, I’ll explore the importance of odor elimination in carpet cleaning and how you can achieve it for your own home.

So, if you’re tired of living with unpleasant smells in your rugs, keep reading!

Carpet Odors

Preventing Odors in Carpets

Regular cleaning is the key to preventing odors in rugs. Here are some ways to keep the smell of your rugs fresh:

  • Vacuum carpets regularly to remove dirt and dust that can cause odors. Make sure to vacuum both the surface and the deep fibers of the carpet.
  • Address spills and stains immediately to prevent them from causing odors. Blot the spill with a clean cloth and use a carpet cleaner to remove any remaining stain.
  • Use baking soda to absorb odors. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and leave it for a few hours before vacuuming it up.
  • Ensure proper ventilation in the room to prevent odors from becoming trapped in the carpet.

Removing Odors in Carpets

Don’t worry if your rugs already smell. There are several ways to remove them:

  • Use a carpet cleaner or hire a professional carpet cleaning service to remove deep-seated odors and stains. A carpet cleaner uses hot water and cleaning solution to penetrate the carpet fibers and remove dirt and odors.
  • Use a vinegar solution to remove odors. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water and spray it on the carpet. Let it sit for a few minutes before blotting it with a clean cloth.
  • Use an enzymatic cleaner to remove pet urine odors. Enzymatic cleaners break down the proteins in pet urine and eliminate the odor.

Odors in carpets can be caused by a variety of factors, but they can be avoided and removed with regular cleaning and proper maintenance.

Odors won’t get stuck in the carpet if you vacuum often, clean up spills and spots right away, use baking soda, and make sure there is enough air flow.

If your rugs already have smells, you can get rid of them with a carpet cleaner, a vinegar solution, or an enzymatic cleaner.

Carpet Cleaners

Types of Carpet Cleaners

  • Handheld or Upright Carpet Cleaners: These are ideal for weekly or bi-weekly cleaning to keep carpets clean and fresh.
  • Carpet Shampooers: These are designed to treat tough stains and dirt, and the best carpet shampooer for your home will depend on the level of cleaning you prefer.
  • Professional Carpet Cleaners: These are ideal for homeowners with a lot of carpeting and a house full of kids and pets.

Cleaning Methods

  • Steam Cleaning: Also known as hot water extraction or wet cleaning, uses high-pressure water to disturb dirt and stains in the carpet fibers.
  • Bonnet Cleaning: Involves using a machine with a spinning pad that absorbs dirt from the carpet surface.
  • Encapsulation: Uses a cleaning solution that crystallizes dirt and stains, which can then be vacuumed away.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning: Involves spreading a cleaning compound or powder on top of the carpet and working it into the fibers with a motorized rotating brush machine.
  • Carpet Shampooing: Uses a cleaning solution that is applied to the carpet and then scrubbed with a machine to remove dirt and stains.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

When picking a carpet cleaner, you should think about things like the size of your home, how much cleaning you need, and what kind of carpet you have.

It’s important to think about how much the carpet cleaner weighs, both when it’s empty and after you fill up the tank.

The cost of carpet cleaners can range from about $100 to over $500, and the deep cleaners are twice as big but don’t necessarily clean twice as well.

Cleaning Agents

Carpet cleaners get rid of smells by using cleaning agents that stick to spots and smells and take them away.

There are five types of cleaning agents: surfactants, weakly corrosive agents like vinegar, oxidizers, enzyme cleaners, and solvents.

Surfactant molecules have a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic side, so they can bind to and remove messy stains and smells at the same time.

Enzymatic cleaners use carefully made mixtures of enzymes to get rid of specific kinds of stains and odors.

But oxidizers like OxyClean and bleach shouldn’t be used to get rid of a smelly contaminant because they clear stains by knocking out the molecules that cause the smell.

Carpet Deodorizers and Pet Odor Products

Carpet deodorizers and pet odor products are mix cleaners and odor eliminators.

The best carpet deodorizer will get rid of bad smells without hurting the carpet, and the room will smell clean and fresh.

Some of the best deodorizers for carpets are:

  • Carpet Fresh Rug and Carpet Cleaner: Soaks in and removes most types of odors, including strong pet urine scent, to leave the room fresh and smelling clean.
  • Capture Carpet 4 lb Cleaner and Deodorizer: A 2-step process that removes strong odors and tough stains, such as spilled drinks, blood, vomit, or other liquids, out of carpet.
  • Baking Soda and OxiClean Dirt Fighters: Used in a carpet odor eliminator to leave the carpet smelling fresh again. Baking soda helps to neutralize odors deep within the carpet, while the Oxiclean “Dirt Fighters” formula helps to loosen dirt, hair, and more.

If the odor still remains, hydrogen peroxide can be used to neutralize the mold spores and odor.

In a spray bottle, combine five parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide.

Then, spray the solution on the back of the carpet.

If none of these things work, have a professional repair company clean the carpet.

Leave baking soda on the carpet overnight and then clean it up to get rid of smells like cigarette smoke or food.

Enzyme Cleaner: The Natural Solution for Carpet Cleaning

Enzyme cleaners are a natural and effective solution for cleaning carpets.

These cleaners use enzymes to break down and remove stains and odors from carpets, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Enzymes are natural proteins that act as catalysts, breaking down organic matter into smaller, more manageable pieces.

This makes them ideal for removing tough stains like pet urine, blood, and food spills.

Enzyme cleaners are also safe for use on all types of carpets, including wool and synthetic fibers.

They are non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly, making them a great choice for households with children and pets.

So, if you’re looking for a natural and effective way to clean your carpets, consider using an enzyme cleaner.

For more information:

Enzyme Cleaner: Safe & Effective Carpet Cleaning

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning: Natural and DIY Methods

Carpets are a nice addition to any home, but they can also give off smells that aren’t very pleasant.

There are a number of natural and do-it-yourself ways to get rid of smelly carpets.

Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet and let it sit overnight.

This is one of the best ways to get rid of smells.

The baking soda will soak up the bad smells, and the next morning, you should clean the carpet well.

If the smell doesn’t go away, try the process again or one of the other options below.


Vinegar is another natural way to get the job done.

Mix one part white distilled vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle, and lightly spray the vinegar on the carpet.

Then sprinkle baking soda over the places you sprayed, and let the mixture sit overnight.

In the morning of the next day, clean the carpet well.

Vinegar kills germs that cause smells and breaks up the bonds that keep greasy dirt stuck to your carpet.

Homemade Carpet Deodorizer

You can also mix baking soda with natural oils or spices to make a homemade carpet deodorizer.

Mix equal parts of borax and baking soda to get rid of tough carpet smells.

Leave the mixture on the carpet for at least an hour, and then clean it like you would with baking soda alone.

Other Natural Remedies

Other natural ways to get rid of bad smells in the house include soaking a piece of stale bread in vinegar and leaving it in a lunchbox or trashcan overnight to get rid of food smells, grinding up extra citrus rinds and putting them in the trash, and cleaning with 1 tablespoon of chlorine bleach per gallon of water.

Carpet Stain Removal

Yes, they can also get rid of spots.

There are different ways to get stains out of rugs, such as mixing dish soap, white vinegar, and water to make a solution.

To stop the stain from spreading, this solution is put on the stain and pushed into the carpet from the outside of the stain in.

The area is then blotted with a wet cloth to remove soapy residue, let air dry completely, and then vacuumed to lift the carpet fibers.

There are also carpet stain removers you can buy.

These products are sprayed onto the spot and wiped clean after a few seconds to a few minutes.

Enzymes and Hydrogen Peroxide

Enzymes are used by carpet cleaners to break down stains into their parts.

Enzymes are proteins that speed up things in the body, like processing and the breakdown of cells.

These substances are especially helpful when handling organic stains, including food, blood, and waste.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to get rid of stains.

Tips for Carpet Stain Removal

Be careful not to soak the spot too much, because that can hurt the carpet backing.

Before using a carpet stain cleaner, you should also check to see if the color will stay the same in a spot that won’t be seen.

Some things can change the color of the carpet fibers in a way that won’t go away, and carpet cleaning services can’t promise that they will get rid of all spots or stains.

Carpet Maintenance

Why Clean Your Carpets?

Dirt, dust, germs, and other allergens can get stuck in carpets and cause bad smells and even health problems.

If you clean and maintain your rugs regularly, you can avoid these problems and keep your home smelling clean and fresh.

Vacuuming Your Carpets

At least once a week, you should vacuum your rugs to get rid of the loose particles on the surface of the carpet before they sink in and start wearing down the fibers.

This is very important in places with a lot of foot traffic and in homes with pets.

Pet hair and dander, which can cause asthma, can also be removed by vacuuming.

Deep Cleaning Your Carpets

How often you should deep clean your carpets varies on a number of things, like how often people walk on them, whether or not you have kids or pets, and your own preferences.

If the carpet doesn’t get a lot of use, a good clean once a year should be enough.

You should clean places that get a lot of use twice a year.

If you have kids or pets, you may need to clean them more often.

Every 12 to 18 months, you should have a professional clean your carpet to get rid of dirt that normal vacuuming can’t reach.

But based on how you live and what you like, your carpet may need to be cleaned by a professional every 6 to 12 months.

Using Carpet Cleaners Safely

Most carpet cleaners are safe to use as long as the directions from the manufacturer are followed and common sense is used.

It’s important to wear safety gear like gloves and goggles when using a carpet cleaner.

When you mix cleaning products, you should wear eye protection.

To avoid breathing in poisonous chemicals, the place should have a lot of air flow.

Pets and kids shouldn’t play on a freshly cleaned carpet until it’s completely dry.

Use the carpet cleaner the way the instructions say to and only use the tools that come with it.

Before you unplug the cleaner, you should turn off every switch on it.

You should try not to get any of the carpet cleaner chemicals on your skin, but if you do, you should wash the solution off right away.

Alternatives to Chemical Cleaners

If you don’t want to use chemicals to clean your carpets, there are other ways to keep them clean that don’t involve items that could be dangerous.

At least once a year, you should have a professional clean your rugs to get rid of the dirt, dust, skin flakes, dust mites, and other allergens that live deep inside them.

Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaner

Types of Carpet Cleaners

There are different kinds of carpet cleaners, and it’s important to know which one will work best on your carpet.

Angie’s List says that steam cleaning is safe for all rugs, while some other methods can only be used on certain types of carpets.

Main Cleaning also says that professional carpet cleaning should be used on a regular basis to keep living areas safe.

Steam Pro Inc.

says that there are many different kinds of carpet, and it’s important to know how to clean and take care of each one properly.

It’s important to remember that carpet cleaners shouldn’t be used on tile floors, as this can damage the tiles.

Bissell carpet cleaners are an exception because they don’t have any metal parts that could damage tiles, and the high-quality brushes are soft enough to use on tile floors.

You can also use the Hoover SteamVac on both carpet and tile floors.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Even though cleaning rugs is important, there are some common mistakes that people make that can hurt them.

Over-shampooing is one of the most common mistakes.

This happens when too much shampoo is used or the carpet is not cleaned well enough.

Another mistake that can hurt rugs is getting them too wet.

This can cause mold and mildew to grow.

If you don’t keep furniture off of a wet carpet, rust from the furniture can leave a stain on the carpet.

Another mistake that can hurt rugs is waiting too long to clean up messes.

The longer a mark stays, the harder it is to get rid of, and sometimes it can’t be taken off at all.

Another common mistake that can hurt rugs is scrubbing them too hard, which can cause the fibers to fray and break.

Using harsh chemicals on rugs can also cause damage because they can give off toxic fumes that can make people sick.

Tips and Tricks for Clean Carpets

To avoid making these mistakes, you should vacuum your rugs often and have a professional clean them.

Also, it’s important to clean up spills right away and not scrub too hard.

You can also avoid using harsh chemicals on rugs by making your own cleaning products or carefully reading the ingredient list before you buy cleaning products.

Lastly, it’s important not to rent carpet-cleaning tools that aren’t in good shape because they can do more harm than good.

Note: Please keep in mind that the estimate in this article is based on information available when it was written.

It’s just for informational purposes and shouldn’t be taken as a promise of how much things will cost.

Prices, rates, and fees can change because of things like market changes, changes in regional costs, inflation, and other unforeseen circumstances.


In the end, cleaning carpets is an important job that shouldn’t be skipped.

It not only makes your house look better, but it also makes it a healthier place to live.

But when it comes to getting rid of smells, it’s important to figure out where the smell is coming from and deal with that.

Using a carpet cleaner that just covers up the smell may help temporarily, but it won’t fix the problem.

So, before you grab a bottle of carpet cleaner, take a moment to figure out where the smell is coming from and take the right steps.

Remember that a clean carpet with a nice smell is not only nice to look at, but it also makes your home healthier and happy.

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